2019 Employment Law Year in Review - Mountain View

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2019 brought a flood of legislation and other developments in employment law that will undoubtedly affect your hiring and other employment practices. At this complimentary briefing, you will learn more about the most important trends and developments from 2019, our recommendations to effectively comply with changes in the law, and what is on the horizon for 2020 and beyond.

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Fenwick lawyers, including our employment practices chair Dan McCoy, will cover several employment developments and their impact on workplace policies and practices, including:

  • California's new contractor classification law (AB 5) and its sweeping impact on companies of all sizes
  • Drastic new limits on mandatory employee arbitration
  • Continued expansion of sexual harassment laws and other #MeToo developments
  • Legislative and court scrutiny of, and limits on, non-competes and non-solicts inside and outside of California
  • The California Consumer Privacy Act and what it means for employers in 2021
  • Increases in minimum wage rates and exempt salary minimums under state and federal law
  • Paid family leave laws and trends

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