Cloud and Social Media Legal Ethics

​​With client data a prime target of hackers, attorneys must be more vigilant than ever. In the current Cloud era, traditional ethical duties have kept expanding to address reasonable care obligations to outsourced data storage.

Facebook 'friends' aren't real friends as evidenced by a recent ruling in Florida when a judge refused to recuse herself just because she had Facebook-friended one of the attorneys of record in the case. An appellate court affirmed the decision reasoning that "the degree of intimacy among Facebook ‘friends’ varies greatly.”

Not all cases are created equal. The same is true for non-litigation matters. As an attorney, how do you zealously but ethically advise clients as to their past, present and future posts, tweets and other social networking activities? And how can you strive to render your own social media presence compliant with the rules of professional conduct?

In our high-speed interactive world with its ever-growing set of platforms, lawyers bear increased responsibility to keep up with technology to understand the applicability of old and new ethics principles to cloud storage and social networking, and to be able to advise their clients—entities and individuals— day-to-day and in litigation.

Join this webinar to learn industry best practices and to do your best to comply with professional responsibility obligations. This interactive session will include live demos from the presenter's desktop to explore how your duties apply not only to your own activities but also to your clients' practices.