IP BYTES: Hot Topics in Copyright Law

​Topics that will be covered

  • Julie Ahrens, ”Google Books and the Evolution of Fair Use”
  • Scott Andrews, “The Future of Digital Goods’ Resale: ReDigi, UsedSoft and the First Sale Doctrine”
  • Jocelyn Belloni, “Should Copyright Law’s Transformative Use Test Apply to Right of Publicity Cases?”
  • Jonathan Blavin, “Does Technical Architecture Matter? Cablevision, Aereo, and the Public Performance Right in the Cloud”
  • Caleb Donaldson, “Takedown or Shakedown: Misrepresentations under DMCA Section 512(f)”
  • Frank Goldberg, “Copyright Trends in the Video Game Space”
  • Deepak Gupta, “Seeking Any Port in a Storm: The DMCA Safe Harbor”
  • Sebastian Kaplan, “Can Copyright Control User-Directed Copying Technologies Like Hopper and Aereo?”
  • Shannon King, “Pragmatic International Copyright Practices for Global Companies”
  • Chris Lockard, “Poses, Bats and Copycats: Recent Decisions on What is Copyrightable