Software Patent Eligibility: Where is the Industry Heading?

Patent attorneys and innovators are struggling to understand what needs to be done to obtain and defend patent claims. Companies invest in R&D with the expectation of future revenue and the entire lifecycle of innovation is at risk.

Numerous industry groups have formed patent eligibility working groups with the intent of drafting possible statutory language for a future reform. These efforts will likely remain in committee within industry organizations and in private discussions pending what the Supreme Court may do next.

Join our group of expert panelists to explore what's happening with software patent eligibility, how to best navigate the uncertainties, and where the industry is heading. In addition to taking questions, our expert panel will address the following:

  • Is patent eligibility reform necessary
  • What patent eligibility reforms might the industry consider backing
  • Will Ariosa v. Sequenom be a possible turning point
  • Are the USPTO abstract idea hypothetical examples helping