Andrew Bridges Helps U.K. University Student Avoid Extradition and Prosecution in U.S. in High-Profile Case

​Mountain View, CA (Jan. 2, 2013) – Fenwick & West partner Andrew P. Bridges served on a pro bono basis as an adviser on U.S. copyright issues in the legal effort that helped Richard O’Dwyer avoid extradition to the United States from the United Kingdom. O’Dwyer, a 24-year old U.K. university student, faced extradition to the United States for prosecution for alleged criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy based on his operation of a website that provided links to third-party websites overseas that offered streaming video of movies and TV shows. O’Dwyer’s U.S. criminal defense lawyer was able to negotiate a deferred prosecution agreement – in which O’Dwyer paid £20,000 and the charges will be dismissed – and put an end to the extradition effort.

“This was a most gratifying outcome,” said Bridges. “I am glad to have helped supply U.S. copyright advice on the novel issues and helped Richard avoid extradition and prosecution.”

The case was covered by a number of prominent media outlets, including BBC News, The Guardian and The Huffington Post, and was the subject of an online petition to the U.K. Home Office, garnering over 200,000 signatures.

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