Fenwick & West Receives Acterra Award for Exemplary Environmental Practices

Mountain View, CA (April 27, 2012) – Fenwick & West LLP is pleased to announce that it will receive Acterra’s 2012 Business Environmental Award in the category of Sustainable Built Environment for the firm’s state-of-the-art Green Data Center. Acterra's awards are one of the San Francisco Bay Area's oldest and most prestigious environmental recognition programs.

“We are proud to be receiving this highly selective and prestigious award from Acterra based on the green design and operation of our server room,” said Fenwick Chief Information Officer Matt Kesner. “Fenwick built the first LEED Platinum-certified server room at a law firm. It features 300 virtual servers and uses a combination of water cooling and outside air cooling that have reduced our electrical consumption by 70%.”

“Our server room illustrates Fenwick’s overall commitment to sustainable business practices,” said Fenwick Senior Director of Operations/Facilities Julie O’Loughlin. “As the first law firm certified by Santa Clara County as an environmentally sustainable “Green Business,” Fenwick is at the forefront of implementing sustainable policies and programs that minimize environmental impact.”

Initiated in 1990, Acterra’s awards program is well recognized due to its rigorous application and judging process. "In addition to a thorough written application, the top contenders must demonstrate their programs' merits firsthand to the judges during a visit to the applicants' facilities,” stated Acterra Committee Chair Laura Teksler. “By the time they are selected to receive our award, they have truly proven that their programs are "setting the bar" in corporate environmental leadership."

Fenwick & West will be honored at the 2012 Business Environmental Awards Reception on Thursday, May 31st at the Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel in Palo Alto. Fenwick has earned recognition in several areas as one of the top US law firms for implementing sustainable business practices.

About Acterra

Acterra is a non-profit organization with a 42-year history of environmental programming in and around Silicon Valley. Acterra involves and educates individuals, businesses and communities to take action against global warming, restore natural habitats, and cultivate environmental leaders for the future.

About Fenwick & West

Fenwick & West, the premier law firm for innovative technology and life sciences companies, has a long history of reducing consumption where possible, as well as promoting reuse and recycling beyond local, state and federal requirements. Fenwick is the first law firm in the United States to be awarded LEED certification for two offices, including the first law firm to secure a LEED-CI Platinum Designation (for our Seattle office). Fenwick is also the first law firm certified by Santa Clara County as an environmentally sustainable "Green Business.”