Gaming Litigation Partner Jennifer Kelly Named Top California Entertainment Lawyer

Mountain View, Calif. (November 5, 2014) – Fenwick & West today announced the recognition of litigation partner Jennifer Kelly as among the Top Entertainment Lawyers in California by the Daily Journal.

Kelly, who represents technology companies in intellectual property disputes, told the Daily Journal that her work for gaming clients “has grown exponentially.” Her clients include Glu Mobile, King, Intuit,, SEGA and CBS Interactive.

“More and more companies are getting into this space and mobile is just taking off,” Kelly added.

Most recently, she secured a stipulated permanent injunction for King Digital Entertainment plc, the maker of "Candy Crush Saga," in what the Daily Journal notes was the company’s “first-ever litigation in the United States,” a copyright battle with Hong Kong-based online game provider 6waves. King alleged that two of 6waves’ games, which had been released on Facebook, were unmistakable copies of King’s "Saga" games.

"It was a very rewarding case for me as well as my client because it was a situation where we knew we had a very strong claim and we got absolutely the right result," Kelly told the Daily Journal of the win.

She noted that her litigation philosophy is that if it’s best for the company, she’ll advise her clients to resolve disputes early. Often she’s able to find the opposing company’s “Achilles heel,” as she puts it, getting plaintiffs to settle for a fraction of what defending the litigation would have cost.

"I don't make the recommendation [to go to litigation] lightly," she said. "For me it has to be something that's worth pursuing from both a legal and a business standpoint."

Kelly also provides pre-litigation intellectual property counseling to her clients, advising them before or during the development process when their game or other product might potentially infringe another person’s or company’s intellectual property rights, as well as advising them when another person or company’s game or product infringes theirs. She told the Daily Journal that she encourages gaming start-ups to reach out to her sooner than later for pre-litigation counseling.

"It's actually not that hard to stay on the right side of IP laws," she said. "And it will save them so much money to get good advice early rather than getting in hot water later."

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