Fenwick Everywhere: Comprehensive and Seamless Access Whenever and Wherever You Need It

The concept of “Fenwick Everywhere” means that our attorneys and clients have seamless access to all of our firm’s resources anywhere in the world. To make this happen, we invest in sophisticated technology tools and applications that facilitate communication, automate the legal process, and provide total access to files, documents and any other client resources anytime and anywhere. Our ultimate goal is to deliver best-in-class legal services more effectively and efficiently.

In addition to remote, secure access via Fenwick ShareRooms, with Fenwick Everywhere our entire technology and communications platform can be transported and replicated anywhere in the world in less than 48 hours to create fully-functioning satellite offices. These offices provide seamless phone and email communication, audio and video conferencing, and full access to the complete Fenwick network of documents, ShareRooms and infrastructure services.

In the past seven years we have done nearly 100 satellite office installations on four continents for a wide range of litigation and corporate matters. Whether in the next state or the next continent, these satellite offices offer the full capabilities of any local Fenwick office.

What You Can Expect from Fenwick Everywhere

Access, transparency and collaboration that is unique among law firms

A major component of Fenwick Everywhere is the firm’s ShareRooms, which number in the tens of thousands. We believe it’s the most robust legal extranet environment of any U.S. law firm. Our ShareRooms, available for every matter, provide clients with total access to the full depth and breadth of their data worldwide, while also promoting transparency and collaboration. All content is searchable in a common interface through proprietary search capabilities, improving accuracy and efficiency of document searching and overall knowledge management. No other firm surpasses our ability to collect and organize the terabytes of data managed through our ShareRooms.

Remote office locations that are designed for clients

Our satellite offices are especially valuable to clients who are working on-location for extended period of time and engaged in high intensity trials, investigations and merger and acquisition transactions. They can accommodate anywhere from 3 to 50 people and are fully accessible via mobile technology.

Dedicated, 24/7 support

Fenwick’s Practice Support group is dedicated to providing 24/7 IT support to our clients. Our client-focused team possesses both legal and technical expertise and often meets with new clients to become familiar with their concerns and ensure there is a smooth transition regarding technical support. Our Practice Support group also advises in-house counsel on how to optimize technology in their legal departments, with the goal of making technology accessible and a strategic asset to our clients.

Take Action

At Fenwick, we view technology as the logical extension of extraordinary legal service. Our over-arching aim with Fenwick Everywhere is to give you what you want, when you want it, transparently and completely and in the most effective manner. If that sounds like what you want in your law firm, contact Matt Kesner at (650) 428-4488 or​​​​​​​​​​​