Legal Operations Support Team

The following Fenwick & West business and administration leaders work directly with our clients to help ensure our services are delivered efficiently and effectively, and that clients get th​e most out of their relationship with Fenwick. ​​

Application Development
Mark Gerow leads Fenwick Labs, a group of IT and legal professionals who develop products that meet our clients' needs for rapid access to information.

Ralph Pais leads Fenwick's FLEX program, a group of experienced in-house attorneys who are deployed on temporary assignments to act as part of in-house teams.

Knowledge Management​​​​
Camille Reynolds ensures Fenwick's collective experience and expertise are captured and applied for the benefit of the firm's clients, facilitating the development of efficient processes combined with knowledge bases to enable innovative service delivery.

Practice Technology Support
Brad Bonnington leads Fenwick's practice support team, the foundation of the firm's electronic information management group, and oversees the firm's ShareRoom environment.

Pricing, Project Management and Product Development
Kevin Vaarsi's team works closely with clients on creating value-based pricing arrangements, delivering transparency and predictability through legal project management, and developing the next generation of legal products.

Pro Bono and Corporate Social Responsibility
Hilarie Atkisson leads Fenwick's charitable giving, community service and pro bono programs, identifying opportunities that maximize impact in the community.

Security and Risk Management
Kevin leads Fenwick’s information security and IT risk management team, regularly consulting with clients to ensure data security.