Corporate Venture

Fenwick Represents Merck Global Health Innovation Fund and Strategic Investor Consortium in Investment in Saama

Many of the world’s most active and influential corporate venture investors rely on Fenwick for strategic guidance in the launch, improvement, expansion and execution of their corporate venture and innovation efforts. Our clients range from corporate venture programs deeply immersed in the technology and life sciences industries to corporate venture and innovation programs in the media, sports, consumer products, industrial and financial services industries where technology enablement and technology disruption are mission critical and significantly impactful issues. The Fenwick team provides tailored advice and valuable business insights by collaborating closely with our industry-leading and complementary startup, strategic M&A, technology and licensing transactions, intellectual property, privacy and cybersecurity and tax teams in support of the business objectives of our corporate venture and innovation clients.

As growth in the corporate venture industry accelerates and corporate venture programs continue to innovate through transactions and initiatives of greater reach and complexity, the Fenwick team serves as a trusted legal partner to provide expertise and guidance for:

  • Corporate venture fund formation and internal structuring guidance
  • Development / implementation of internal policies and procedures
  • Corporate venture deal execution and related due diligence
  • Technology, licensing and strategic partnering arrangements associated with corporate venture financings
  • Portfolio company monitoring and guidance on exit transactions
  • Incubation and strategic IP development and spin-out programs
  • Internal knowledge development and training programs

Beyond delivering the legal services that every corporate venture and innovation program requires to succeed, the Fenwick team dedicates itself to building strong and lasting relationships with our clients based on open communication, transparency and trust to form efficient and effective long-term business partnerships.


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