14th Annual WCA VC Panel: What’s Hot (and What’s Not) in Mobility 2013

With competition increasingly fierce, the mobile industry is witnessing a shake-up in the ecosystem with consolidation of players including Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, repositioning of Windows Phone to the demise of RIM’s Blackberry, and the continued dominance of Android in smartphones led by Samsung while Apple’s 64-bit iPhones are not yet letting up pressure in the race. Innovating on the user experience enriched with sensors-enabled context-aware capabilities and accessorized wearable devices like smart watches that connect seamlessly to smartphones and tablets are pervading worldwide. Enterprise mobility is becoming the next frontier for differentiation and business opportunities for all mobile players alike. As the mobile platforms are taking over as the primary eCommerce and payment means, and as mobile malwares proliferate, mobile security is becoming extremely important.

At our 14th annual CenterStage VC Panel, our investor panelists will enlighten us with innovative start-ups that fuel such mobile industry’s growth, where their investments are going and not going, and what paradigm shifting trends and business opportunities they are projecting for 2014 and beyond.

-- Danielle Levitas, Group VP & GM, Mobility, Digital Media & Consumer, IDC

-- Eric Zimits, Managing Director, Granite Ventures
-- Tae Hea Nahm, Founding General Partner, Storm Ventures
-- Steve Goldberg, Partner, Venrock
-- John Occhipinti, Partner, Relay Ventures