Big Data Collides with Big Compliance: Mitigating Regulatory Risk

Every day, companies small and large, private and public, are facing Big Data issues from all angles. Security breaches of consumer information, mishandling of patient records, or uncovering potential smoking guns among email internal emails, are just a few examples of how organizations struggle not on to avoid catastrophes, but proactively identify what may be hiding in plain sight.

Organizations are often so overwhelmed, scrambling from one fire to another, that they neglect to address the overarching risk, compliance and reputational issues Big Data presents. Compliance, Legal and Risk groups are increasingly in the hot seat, facing demands from management, regulators and other stakeholders to come up with systematic solutions.

Please join your peers and industry experts in an “off the record and roll up your sleeves” discussion to explore:

  • Leading practices for addressing the “known knowns” of information – how do you find smoking guns before someone else does?
  • How do you effectively balance data privacy and business needs?
  • How to create, track and visualize meaningful data about data – e.g., reports and analytics?
  • How to make your case for more budget dollar?