Cloud Computing: Cloud Storage for Personal & Business Applications and Understanding Data Security Issues

Three successful entrepreneurs will explain the benefits of cloud storage usage and data security issues.

Topic 1: Understanding use of cloud storage. Many consumers do not understand the benefits and advantages of cloud storage technology. Practical examples of cloud storage for personal and business applications will be shown.

Topic 2: Data Security. A major concern of cloud storage is data security. Users usually lack the awareness over the content of providers' terms of service and ownership of data. According to an article from Infoworld magazine, people who don't understand how their cloud data can be compromised may be in for a rude awakening. During the presentation, the speakers will explain what users should know about security and how their data is being encrypted and storage. They will also present new encryption technology that can protect users from hackers and even from seizure of data by the government.

Topic 3: Open API for developers. SurDoc will also announce the offering of their OPEN APIs that allows developers to build their apps using SurDoc's latest cloud storage technologies.


Alex Wang, CEO/President and Founder,SurDoc
Yvonne Li, VP of Business Development, SurDoc
Thomas Hong, CEO, Board of CEOs​​​