CYBER DAY: Cybersecurity for Directors and C-Level Executives

​Boards of directors are painfully aware of potential corporate exposure to a broad range of cyber-threats. The difficulty, however, is in fashioning a rational response to this ever-changing and increasingly complex challenge. This one-day ​session, offered jointly by Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance and the Stanford Cyber Initiative, is designed for directors and executives of public and private corporations who have minimal computer expertise but who want to become more knowledgeable about the technical, legal, public policy, and risk management aspects of cybersecurity.

Topics for this program will include:

  • The Attack: How Hackers Get In and the Mischief They Create
  • The Defense: How Corporations Try to Prevent and Respond to Attacks
  • Legal Liabilities, Cooperating with the Government, and Cyber Insurance
  • The Incident Response Plan and Internal Organizational Structures
  • A Table-Top Crisis-Response Exercise