Cyber Security: Threats, Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities

We're all at least a little familiar with computer security, perhaps just from installing an anti-virus application on our home PC. Or maybe you've been one of the many unlucky people that has received a notification from one institution or another, letting you know that your personal information was stolen... (who hasn't at this point?) But, unless you live in the world of security full time, you may not have thought much about all the threats that are out there, and more importantly, how those threats are changing. The hackers are constantly searching for new ways to breach your systems, and this creates a need for new ways to protect information while raising the bar on what every organization needs to be doing to prevent an attack.

Join us to hear from industry experts representing McAfee, Intel, and others, who will discuss:

  • A brief overview of computer security
  • Threats yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • What you should be doing, at a minimum. The things you should be thinking about (and why!)
  • What this means for emerging companies, major players, and investors

Steve Orrin, Director of Security Architecture, Intel
Slavik Markovich, CTO, McAfee
Andy Feit, CEO, Enlocked (moderator)​