Data Privacy Trends 2014

Managing privacy practices isn't about having your attorney draft a privacy policy and periodically auditing your data practices to make sure you don't need to update that privacy policy anymore. Today, companies need to have a clear understanding of the data they collect online via sites, apps and ads, as well as what they collect offline in stores, call centers, and CRM systems. They must know who ELSE -- advertisers, networks, or other business partners -- is collecting customer information from their properties, and why. Harder still, privacy today is about providing users with powerful and user friendly tools to manage their preferences. And all this needs to happen on a 24x7 real time basis across all channels globally. Don’t miss this lively, up-to-the minute conversation about emerging trends and strategies to get ahead of privacy requirements and needs, without stifling the growth of the ad-tech ecosystem that holds so much economic promise. This program is presented in support of Data Privacy Day on January 28, which is an international day of awareness designed to educate people on privacy issues and how to safeguard personal information.​