eDiscovery & Non-Party Subpoenas: Preparation, Preservation & Production Issues

​Successfully navigating non-party eDiscovery presents many challenges both to the requesting party and the subpoena recipient. In addition, frequent subpoena recipients, whether or not they are cloud vendors, should be ready to respond quickly and adeptly, including being well versed to a wide range of potential objections and red-flags. How can you learn the rules and implement key strategies for navigating the legal, technological and practical issues in the eDiscovery nonparty subpoena context? Join us for this 90-minute, live online webinar to discover:

  • Best practices for proactive information management: Important MUSTS!
  • Overall comparison to party discovery: Including recent legal developments
  • Key considerations & strategies: Who, what, when, where, why & how
  • Practical steps to take: Especially for serial subpoena recipients
  • Heightened attention apt: Personally identifiable info & highly confidential data