eWorkplace Policies - Social Media, Privacy & Technology Use


  • Balancing an organization’s information-security with its employees’ (lack of) privacy
  • Analysis of key 21st Century legal, technology and Human Resource issues
  • How intensely to restrict, monitor and scrutinize employees, applicants and litigants
  • Implications of the ever-growing “Cloud”
  • Employers’ rights to review and limit social-networking postings
  • Limitations and rewards of bring-your-own-device (BYOD)
  • Statutory prohibitions on forced disclosure of personal logins/passwords
  • Discoverability in lawsuits of social media posts, photos and messages
  • Compliant background checks


  • WHO has been making the most ill advised web postings this year?
  • WHAT are the two keys to a defensible Technology-Acceptable-Use Policy regime?
  • WHERE are the riskiest aspects of social-networking-sites, “The Cloud” and BYOD?
  • WHY are employees themselves the weakest link in any data-security process?
  • WHEN can an employer monitor and act upon an applicant’s or employees web activity?
  • HOW has the NLRB made it difficult to draft a compliant Social-Media Policy?