Take a Fresh Look at Europe

The last time professional investors looked internationally was in the late 90s. Since then, eight European startups generated $25bn of value, including many exits in excess of $1b, and entrepreneurship has been recognized as a central economic pillar of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

Join this Global Venture Forum for a conversation with investors, M&A leaders and founders of startups about the next wave of European tech investments. Companies such as Adobe, Cisco, eBay, Soundcloud, Adyen, Shazam, Qualcomm, GE Ventures, Deloitte and TI Ventures will discuss:
  • The latest from Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Barcelona and the tech valleys of Europe
  • How corporates, like Adobe, Dropbox and Cisco, expect new startup models to impact future opportunity
  • Insight into exit “paths and path-nots” for European digital/ICT companies
  • The role of R&D, accelerators and market incentives help spur competitive core technologies
  • New windows to tech, such as the European Investment Fund 600m euro Corporate Innovation Program

The Mountain View Global Venture Forum offers smart content and a networking-focused program to some 15 senior level Corporate Development, CVC and VCs. We invite corporate development leaders and venture investors to share ideas and take a fresh look at Europe.

The International Venture Club is a global collaborative network of independent, corporate and institutional investors with a focus on the European high tech market. The Club is comprised of leading global investors such as Cisco, Sony, Dow, Earlybird, Sunstone Capital. IVC brings top tier investor and M&A relationships to promising companies across Europe that will change the world. In 2014 IVC will organize 12 investor gathering across Europe, including the London Digital Tech Summit with 150 investors and 30 promising tech companies from across Europe.

This is an invitation only event. For more information, please contact Che Mott at