Managing Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

We all know that consistent management of information reduces the risks of litigation exposure and regulatory scrutiny. However, conquering, in a legally defensible way, the challenges in managing, retaining and disposing of information is more complicated than everr.

The volume of legal rules, data-security threats and technological changes continues to mount. Consequently, it is even more paramount that organizations establish, implement and follow best practices.

Join us in our next PI&T meetup! This action-packed discussion will address various practicalities, including how:

  • “less is more” both day-to-day and in eDiscovery, in that the many risks of over-saving trump potential concerns about under-saving; • ​cleaning one’s ESI “garage” in a routinized way hinges on a combination of people, process and platforms; and
  • learning what an organization has and where is one step toward a solid Information Governance (IG) regime as well as synergy between different internal constituencies.