Webinar: Privacy (Data Protection) in eDiscovery

Recent data privacy developments stress the need for enterprises that are subject to preservation, disclosure, or discovery obligations, to find practical approaches to reduce risk and cost of global data privacy and cross-border
discovery challenges.

The sometimes conflicting requirements of pre-trial discovery and obligations regarding protection of personal data represent a pressing challenges. As trends of electronic storage of data continue and more firms are asked to produce electronic materials, there is an ever greater impact on data protection and privacy. By obtaining a greater awareness organizations can more capably develop a proactive process for how they will address data preservation and production and be better prepared to address potential eDiscovery and data protection snares that are inextricably intertwined with globalization.

Robert Brownstone, an icon in the field of eDiscovery, presents this valuable and important webinar.
Mr. Brownstone will cover:

  • The Cloud
  • Protective-Orders, Information-Security Protocols and Motions
  • Special Issues as to Individuals and Anonymity
  • Cross-Borders/International (especially EU) Issues
Keep your knowledge up-to-date. Join us for this highly informative one hour webinar.