Smooth Sailing for a Successful IPO

If your company is contemplating an IPO in its future, learn from the experts how to hoist your sails early for your most favorable outcome. Did you know that your success or failure can swing widely whether you have some essentials in place early? It’s true. As things become supercharged in that two year period before and after going public, most companies face huge transitions and an onslaught of new work. The financial and legal requirements seem endless, and everyone is adjusting to a new mindset. Life as a public company is a whole new voyage. As you set your course, you will likely face some dramatic culture changes as well, as your company transitions to a new investor base and Wall Street scrutiny. Navigate the difficult waters with the sage advice of these Silicon Valley experts, who will review the financial and legal considerations that are critical, plus tales from the trenches from a company who has gone through it all. Don’t get caught under resourced and overwhelmed.

You’ll learn :

  • How to managing your processes, policies and papers
  • How to get your financial house in order (and lift your valuation)
  • How to prepare your financial accounting and reporting for maximum valuation and for a new class of investors
  • How to create employee incentives and avoiding tricky equity situations
  • What to focus on for a successful IPO
  • Ways to improve transparency in your corporate filing and mitigate risk of SEC scrutiny
  • How to avoid financial restatements
  • How to handle supplemental information, including non-GAAP financials and financial forecasts
  • Legal considerations for newly public companies, with emphasis on JOBS Act provisions for emerging growth
  • The importance of creating the right team
Speakers: ​​​​​​​​​