Social Media for Non-Profit and Public Interest Organizations 2014

With the growing focus on social media in the legal profession, smart non-profits and public interest organizations are cultivating a robust social media presence.  Learn how to stay on the forefront of this new technology and harness the potential of social media to grow your network of supporters and expand your organization’s footprint.  We’ll discuss what tools are working for non-profits, how to hone your organization’s voice and content strategy, and how to develop and support a social media policy and management plan across your program.

What you will learn

Drawing on the latest research and trends and a case study of one non-profit, we’ll explore how social media and networking tools can be used to grow your organization’s online presence, and in turn, attract more supporters, donors and volunteers.  By the end of this seminar attendees will be familiar with:

  • Common social media tools and how to choose the right ones for your program
  • How to develop an effective - and sustainable - content strategy
  • Approaches to developing and honing your organization's "voice"
  • How to engage with and respond to diverse constituencies online
  • How to develop and maintain a social media policy and management plan
  • Professional and ethical considerations for using social media
  • How to define and measure your social media impact

Who should attend

The session is appropriate for executive directors, program administrators, pro bono managers, and communications and fundraising staff at non-profit and legal services organizations.  We will draw on research and examples from the public interest legal community as well as the non-profit sector at large.