Term Sheet 101: Understanding Critical Terms of Your Early Stage Venture Deal

​Fund raising is one of the most critical process during one's entrepreneurial journey. A term sheet is a document that sets out the basic terms and conditions under which the investors will invest in your company. Do you know how much capital is required? How to calculate dilution? What's the cost of convertible debt? Is your company undervalued? When should you stop negotiating? Most important of all, do you know what are agreeing to?

This workshop is designed to be interactive for about 20 founders of early stage startup companies which have not received series A venture investment.  A hypothetical will be used at the workshop to serve as the basis for a mock negotiation of the terms of a venture capital investment.

1. NVCA model term sheet
2. Fenwick & West Q3 2015 SV Venture Survey
3. Explanation of Terms Used in VC Surveys​

Seating is very limited, and we can only accommodate 20 attendees. RSVP is required. Final attendance will be confirmed by the email.​