Where Do Design and Technology Meet?

There are many big debates going on in technology today. Does form drive function? Does technology drive design innovation or does design drive technical innovation? Where do you find the balance between clear brand vision and responsive, iterative agile development? How does dealing with all these questions lead to alcohol abuse? The critical questions of the day.

These questions and more will be discussed in this fascinating panel on Where Design and Technology Meet. With a surprising and interesting mix of product designers, UX/web developers, graphic artists, marketing technologists and product innovators, this panel of experienced veterans will debate the pros and cons of many challenges facing companies today.

Etay Gafni - Founder & CEO at BrightAct | Co-Founder at bankaroo | UX & Mobile App Expert
Andrew Greenstein - Head of Marketing at Plug and Play | Owner SF AppWorks
Scot Herbst - Creative Director, Herbst Produkt
Omer Malchin - CEO, Founder at Moxie
Michael Weissman - Chairman and CEO at SYNQY Corporation (moderator)