Will Copyright Law Kill Startups & Innovation?

From SOPA/PIPA, to killing APIs, copyright law is increasingly being used in ways that harm startups and innovation. An issue brought to everyone's attention in the Federal Circuit’s decision in Oracle vs. Google, a case with huge potential impact on startups and the innovation ecosystem, from private platforms to government data.

Join Startup Policy Lab, Creative Commons, Hackers/ Founders, and Mozilla for a panel on Copyright Law and the challenges to innovation. The panel will discuss some of the most critical issues (and opportunities) startups face as they grapple with the politics & policies of copyright law.

Critical topics to discuss include:

  • SOPA / PIPA: why it still matters to startups
  • Oracle vs Google: are API's copyrightable & what options exist for startups?
  • DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act): what do startups need to know to protect themselves.