Fenwick & West Defends Intuit Subsidiary Mint Software in Defamation Case

August 21, 2013

Fenwick defended Intuit subsidiary Mint Software in a defamation case brought by NBA champion Scottie Pippen against Mint and a number of other media defendants, including NBC and CBS. Pippen alleged defamation per se and false light invasion of privacy based on the claim that Mint Software falsely reported on the Mint blog that Pippen had filed for bankruptcy. Fenwick worked with the joint defense group and successfully had the case dismissed at trial court on a motion to dismiss which was affirmed by the Seventh Circuit on appeal. In this significant decision, the Seventh Circuit held that publication on the Internet is subject to the traditional single publication rule of more traditional media. 734 F. 3d 610 (7th Cir. 2013). 

The Fenwick litigation team was led by Rodger Cole and Sean Wikner.