Fenwick & West Creates "FLEX by Fenwick," Becoming First Law Firm to Create Internal Organization to Provide Temporary Counsel for Clients' In-House Legal Departments

October 5, 2010 (Mountain View, CA) – Fenwick & West LLP is pleased to announce its new "FLEX by Fenwick" service, which provides experienced in-house counsel to clients who are integrated with the clients' legal and business teams and have access to resources at the law firm.

The FLEX program is currently offered to existing Fenwick clients and offers different plans to cater to companies of all sizes, including large organizations that need short-term in-house counsel for specific projects, such as product launches, or to fill temporary absences, and smaller companies that have growing legal needs but lack the resources to hire full-time in-house counsel.

Partner Ralph Pais, head of Fenwick's Technology Transactions Group, and Alexandra Smith, Senior Director of Product and Services Development at Fenwick, developed the program to serve clients who have expanding legal needs, but are not interested in paying law firm hourly rates for day-to-day legal matters or in adding the fixed overhead costs of an in-house attorney.

"We established FLEX in order to respond to client needs that we could not easily address through the firm itself," Pais explains. "In order to better serve our clients as their needs fluctuate, we realized that clients would have short- and mid-term needs that would require on-site attorneys for temporary periods. By offering the FLEX service, Fenwick hopes to maintain and strengthen relationships with our clients."

Smith elaborates, "Not only does FLEX offer clients the high quality of service that they are accustomed to receiving from Fenwick, it helps Fenwick remain connected to their businesses. This allows the firm to represent clients more effectively in large, strategic matters as well. Everyone talks about being cost-efficient, but FLEX takes that to the next level."

Observing that clients demand more predictability in their legal bills and have become increasingly less willing to pay partner-level prices for routine legal work, Smith also commented, "You don't want to see a brain surgeon if you just need a checkup and have only budgeted for the co-payment. FLEX offers clients a trusted alternative to meet those needs."

FLEX operates as a separately-branded service offered by Fenwick. It improves the traditional practice of law firms providing a "secondment" by offering attorneys with many more years of experience than can be offered in a secondment (10-15 years vs. 3-4 years) as well as with past in-house experience. In addition, FLEX lawyers receive support from Fenwick resources, such as its attorneys, form documents, and training while onsite.

The FLEX program offers cost predictability through several fixed-fee pricing models. Clients commit to blocks of hours or days each week, ranging from 10 hours per week to full-time. Special pricing is also available for clients who need long-term support, defined as more than 6 months.

According to Gordon Davidson, Firm Chairman and partner in the Corporate Group, "The firm's initial experiments with FLEX have proven very successful, and we have received positive feedback from both participating clients and attorneys." He continued, "We are excited to offer this new program, and will continue to innovate as we adapt to the range of our clients' needs."

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About FLEX

FLEX is a service offered by Fenwick & West and was designed to help clients address the challenge of decreasing their legal spend while increasing the level of legal support. FLEX offers clients experienced in-house lawyers on a temporary basis who are integrated with the client's in-house and Fenwick teams. Clients gain the ability to change their legal staffing to meet immediate needs, while managing legal spending in a cost-effective and predictable way. To learn more about FLEX, please visit

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