Technology Companies Press Court to Curb Patent Abuse

February 05, 2014

​Charlene Morrow, a partner in Fenwick & West’s litigation group, is quoted in an article in Bloomberg Law titled “Apple joins Google in Pressing Court to Curb Patent Abuse.”

The article reports that technology companies are asking the Supreme Court for an easier way to collect attorneys’ fees from patent-holders that have lost patent infringement cases.

“Technology companies are seeing an onslaught of patent claims,” Morrow told Bloomberg Law, adding that a favorable ruling “should make it less profitable to bring frivolous claims.”

The article cites the White House report on Patent Assertion and U.S. Innovation in noting that “[m]ore than 100,000 companies were threatened in 2012 alone with infringement suits by businesses whose sole mission is to extract royalty revenue.” The article adds that according to the Government Accountability Office, patent assertion entities, or “patent trolls,” filed 19 percent of all patent lawsuits from 2007 to 2011. ​