BloombergView Showcases Fenwick Surveys on Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity

December 11, 2014

BloombergView is among the business media outlets spreading the word about Fenwick & West's just-published Corporate Governance Survey and Gender Diversity Survey.

The Corporate Governance Survey compares how corporate governance has been handled by companies in the Standard & Poor’s 100 (S&P 100) Index and the Silicon Valley 150 (SV 150) Index during the past 19 years. The Gender Diversity Survey examines women's participation in leadership positions among companies in both groups during the same period.

BloombergView highlighted two key analyses from Fenwick's Corporate Governance Survey. First, it noted the finding that the use of dual-class stock among the SV 150 more ​than doubled since 2011 to 7.3 percent. Second, it cited the finding that there is a greater percentage of insiders on SV 150 boards than there is on S&P 100 boards.

In addition, BloombergView drew attention to a statistic from the firm's Gender Diversity Survey indicating that 10 percent of directors at the Silicon Valley companies studied are women, as opposed to approximately 21 percent among the S&P 100.​