Businesses Fight to Navigate Complex World of Personal Data Privacy

December 16, 2011

December 16, 2011 (Mountain View, CA) – Robert Brownstone, Technology & E-Discovery Counsel and Co-Chair of the Electronic Information Management Group of Fenwick & West, was recently quoted in the San Francisco Business Times article "Privacy Goes Viral."

The rapid expansion of technology in recent years has left many businesses of all types struggling to keep up with the ever-growing number of hurdles that come with that technology. Privacy has become one of the most common issues that can pose problems for businesses.

With data breaches becoming more common and continually grabbing headlines, the government has proposed new legislation to attempt to reign in the privacy violations, including a consumer privacy bill of rights and changes to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

While these will help eliminate some of the privacy issues business currently face, their implementation will take time. However, there are steps that businesses can take today to help avoid privacy pitfalls.

Robert Brownstone says that every company should have some basic encryption in place for their computers and limit how many people have access to sensitive data.

Brownstone went on to say, "It's difficult in this day and age to plug every hole. Start with data encryption… and don't give everyone in the company access to every vat of information in the company. Just give it on a need-to-know basis."

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