Comply Or Die: Data Disposition Must Be A Priority

June 07, 2008

Michael Sands, Chair of the Electronic Information Management (EIM) Group with Fenwick & West, was quoted in the InformationWeek article "Comply Or Die: Data Disposition Must Be A Priority."

IT groups rethinking the "save everything forever" approach find that deletion and retention policies and tools must be razor-sharp to cut through a morass of regulations.

"Companies aren't getting the connection between what they are keeping and what it means for time and expense when litigation hits and you have to pay lawyers to look through everything," says Michael Sands, a partner at law firm Fenwick & West and Chair of the firm's Electronic Information Management Group.

"Litigation hold and disposition are intimately related," says Sands. "Any automatic system to purge is fine, as long as there's a way to turn it off so you aren't destroying documents you have an obligation to preserve."

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