Fenwick's Gender Diversity Survey Featured in Fortune

December 11, 2014

​Fenwick & West's just-published Gender Diversity Survey was featured in an article in Fortune. The article reproduced some of the survey's graphics and quoted Fenwick corporate partner David Bell, one of the study's authors, on some of the key findings.

The survey compares the participation of women among the boards and executive management teams of publicly traded companies in the Standard & Poor's 100 (S&P 100) Index and the Silicon Valley 150 (SV 150) Index during the past 19 years. An adjunct to Fenwick's Corporate Governance Survey, the Gender Diversity Survey is intended to contribute valuable data and analysis to discussions about the gender gap in the technology sector and elsewhere in the corporate world.

Fortune cited the survey finding that while 9 percent of CEOs in the S&P 100 are women, the figure is just 3.3 percent for the Silicon Valley companies studied. However, the publication also noted the survey statistic that in the top 15 SV 150 companies, more than 37 percent of COOs are women, whereas the corresponding number among the S&P 100 is just over 7 percent.

"There's no curve that shows there's a magical flywheel that's going to take off here," Bell said in regard to the survey findings. "It cautions us that we'll have to think about this; it's not going to solve itself," he added.

The full article is available through the Fortune website.