Jury Hands Win To Zillow In LendingTree's Patent Suit

March 12, 2014

​Law360 reported that Fenwick partners Dave Hadden and Saina Shamilov were the patent litigators behind the successful defense of online real estate company Zillow, which defeated allegations of patent infringement brought by its competitor LendingTree.

After a five-week trial, a North Carolina federal jury found that Zillow, along with fellow defendants NexTag and Adchemy, had not infringed patents covering a computer network for coordinating loans over the Internet. The jury also found that LendingTree’s two patents were invalid because they failed to correctly identify the inventors.

“This is a significant victory in a rare patent trial among competitors,” Hadden said in an email to Law360. "This is a complete victory for Zillow."

The litigation team representing both Zillow and Adchemy included Hadden, Shamilov and associate Ryan Tyz.

The full article is available through the Law360 website (subscription required).