Security Managers Concerned but Confident about Conficker

March 31, 2009

Matt Kesner, Chief Technology Officer at Fenwick & West, was quoted extensively throughout the Computerworld article "Security Managers Concerned but Confident about Conficker."

Since its first appearance early last spring, the Conficker worm has taken on three different aliases and has infected millions of PCs worldwide. Microsoft released a patch in October 2008 to prevent Conficker from abusing a vulnerability in Windows, but the worm has still remained as one of the biggest threats to PCs in recent times.

Kesner further explains that security analysts agree that this worm is well-written and designed to fight security devises. "This had caused us to take it more seriously than most virus and worm threats," Kesner states. Fenwick, in response, has implemented a new procedure to "scan every file download from the Web" as a way to ensure PC safety.

Although Conficker's threat still lingers, experts believe that companies that have applied the patch, scanned their systems entirely and rebooted have taken the necessary steps to fend off the worm.