The Employee 2.0: You Are Your Own Records Manager

April 13, 2009

Matt Kesner, Chief Technology Director at Fenwick & West, was quoted extensively throughout the DCIG article "The Employee 2.0: You Are Your Own Records Manager."

Social networking forums have quickly become a common source of communication in Corporate America. Organizations have found that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace can lead employees to speak more freely and less formally than they normally would in business conversation. In the transitional period of exploding popularity of these sites, most companies have had to scramble to learn about tools to address this new form of electrically stored content. In particular, the ability to conduct eDiscovery over social networking sites is a challenge as the content of employee conversation can be more difficult to monitor, store and decipher.

Kesner advises employers to give employees some training so they understand the implications of their open communication. Rather than forbidding employees to engage in these sites, Kesner advises treating employees like records managers so they feel responsible for the content of their conversations and their storage obligations.