The Partnership of a CTO and a Technology Director

October 07, 2008

Fenwick & West is showcased as the ideal example of a successful technology director hire in the InfoWorld article "So, CTO, Who's Your Sarah Palin or Joe Biden?"

The right technology director can execute the visions of the CTO and steer a well-qualified team towards previously unattainable high-tech standards, but the wrong personality can drive initiatives and strategies into the ground. Matt Kesner, CTO of Fenwick & West, snatched networking master Kevin Moore in 1998 from Novell. Moore, now IT Director of Fenwick, was hired for his technical mastery that would complement Kesner's vision to marry law and technology. Yet what Moore brought in addition was a diplomatic leadership quality that has made him a firm-wide role model.

This partnership embodies what ZRG Director Martha Heller suggests to all CTOs looking for their No. 2. "Tech execs should look to fill technology blind spots... if the tech exec climbed the ladder through infrastructure and doesn't have a strong foundation in applications, then he may want to bring in someone specifically on apps," Heller recommends.

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