Threat of Lawsuit by Textbook Company Triggers Cost-Saving Tool to Go Viral

January 13, 2015

​Fenwick & West IP litigation partner Andrew Bridges spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the use of copyright law to protect the establishment from disruptive companies.

The article discusses a major textbook company that threatened to sue a small start-up that offers an online price-comparison tool that could negatively impact the textbook company’s profits. The add-on tool for Google Chrome browsers, OccupyTheBookstore, created by, pops up on college bookstore websites to show students where they can find the often pricy books for less. 

Bridges, identified by the Journal as a copyright law specialist, told the paper that textbook companies would have a high legal threshold to overcome. “The object of intellectual property rights is emphatically not to restrict competition,” he said, adding, “What’s clear is that what this is really about is that one side is enabling comparisons in order to promote competition, and somebody really doesn’t like that competition.”​