What to Budget: IT Security in a Recession Year

December 22, 2008

Matt Kesner, Chief Technology Officer at Fenwick & West, is quoted in the ITWorld article "What Can You Afford NOT to Do on IT Security?" The article examines the crucial factors in upgrading the IT security of a business while budgets inevitable downgrade during a recession year.

Fenwick is highlighted as a firm that will focus on basics for 2009, making adjustments to cut costs, increasing the training for employees on protecting their PCs and mobile devices and upgrading antivirus software on all computers. "[Fenwick's] 2009 IT budget doesn't call for reduced spending on security—but neither does it include a funding increase," Kesner notes.

IT managers in every industry are juggling an increasing number of government and industry regulations for security compliance with a cinching budget. Cutbacks should be strategic and weighed against the long-term threat of falling behind on information protection.

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