'Wonder Woman' Power Attorney Cynthia Hess

October 07, 2011

October 7, 2011 (Mountain View, CA) - Cynthia Hess, partner in the Corporate Group and Co-Chair of the Start Ups and Venture Capital Group of Fenwick & West, was recently profiled by Go Girl Finance in the article "Wonder Women – Profiles in Power: Cynthia Hess." The article highlighted Cynthia's career and her success working among the technology and start up companies that make up Silicon Valley.

After beginning her career in New York working with investment banks, Cynthia took a chance on moving to the West Coast to work with tech companies. While she arrived just as the dot-com bubble burst, Cynthia was able to persevere and achieve long-term success.

"We were suddenly in the middle of this pretty deep tech recession. But I persevered, and continued to meet with people and companies who went on to start other businesses," says Hess of her survival strategy. "[I]f you connect with people who like your work and they then move on to start or join other companies, there are always opportunities. And now I have a really thriving practice."

Cynthia has achieved success within the technology and venture capital industries, which are thought to be industries where a disparity still exists among men and women in the workplace.

"I was recently at a party in a room filled with professional women in high positions from Google, IBM and other major tech companies, and we were talking about how you can really count the number of women in venture on one hand… I’m not exactly sure why."

Cynthia does see hope for the future. "There are a lot of very young entrepreneurs in the industry now, and I see more women; twenty-somethings or early thirties, partly now that there are so many more social media and Internet businesses and companies out here. You see more women in those areas that are more consumer-based: social gaming, social networking, and so on."

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