4 Law Firm Technologies Facing Extinction

August 12, 2014

Fenwick & West chief information officer Matt Kesner was quoted by Law360 on current trends in technology use at law firms and the changes that might occur in the future. Much of the evolution is being driven by firm clients and lawyers, Kesner noted.

“A lot of the typical software that we gave to lawyers in the past seems like it’s a lot less relevant today,” Kesner told Law360. “There is this increasing pace of change and increasing desire to have information the way the end user wants it on the device the end user has, and where we once dictated devices and how people ingested data, we don’t — not with clients, not with lawyers.”

The standard Microsoft Office suite is among the software packages that are becoming less relevant. “In most industries, even in law, [Office] required traditional computing, and whether it was on-site or off-site, it looks a certain way, and you have to digest it a certain way,” Kesner said. “Now, most of the world consumes the Internet via the smartphone.”

Likewise, the increasing use of smartphones may eventually end the need for desktop office phones. “Clearly, the phone on your desk is a lot less important than they used to be,” Kesner said. “A lot of interaction that lawyers have is on their smartphones rather than their desk phones.”

The article also listed email and big data infrastructure as technologies facing possible extinction in law firm settings in future.

The full article is available through the Law360 website (subscription required).