An Attorney's Guide to Surviving the Social Media Age

August 22, 2018

Fenwick electronic information management chair Robert Brownstone spoke to Legaltech News about dos and don’ts for lawyers and legal professionals to consider when using social media.

To start, Brownstone recommended that each lawyer designate his/her profile as “attorney advertising,” so that others know the lawyer is not giving legal advice or speaking on behalf of his/her firm in personal social media posts. He also advised lawyers to anonymize themselves on LinkedIn and avoid looking through LinkedIn profiles of jurors, or opposing parties or witnesses without knowing the risks.

Brownstone also discussed disclaimers on Facebook, messaging platforms like Slack, cloud services and attorney-client privilege.

While lawyers should certainly exercise caution when it comes to social media, Brownstone encouraged lawyers to be curious about new platforms, no matter their age.

He noted that the most tech-savvy person he’s seen at his firm has been co-founder Bill Fenwick, and added that curiosity at the top can go a long way toward making others want to learn.

To see the full list of social media best practices that Brownstone recommends, visit Legaltech News.​