Copyright Infringement Suits Spur Copycat Filers

May 28, 2015

Fenwick& West copyright litigation co-chair Laurence Pulgram was quoted in a Daily Journal article regarding a big spike in copyright infringement lawsuits, with just four independent film companies accounting for half of all the filings. 

Led by erotic film company Malibu Media LLP, filings for copyright infringement are up 27 percent nationwide over this period last year, according to legal data analytics firm Lex Machina. Attorneys for the litigants contend they are just vigorously fighting piracy. Critics charge that the companies’ real motivation is forcing defendants into pricey settlements. 

Pulgram told the Daily Journal that because advancements in technology have made it relatively easy for companies to specialize in copyright infringement litigation, such filings may continue to rise. 

''Technology has made it pretty easy to word process demand letters, complaints, and proceed with bulk litigation," he said. 'When you combine the ability to essentially shakedown thousands of people with the lever of these big statutory damages, you've got a model that people are increasingly seizing upon."