Fenwick Named to National Law Journal Intellectual Property Hot List

May 07, 2012

Mountain View, CA (May 7, 2012) – Fenwick & West today announced that the firm has been selected to The National Law Journal’s first Intellectual Property Hot List. Among only 20 law firms in the United States to receive this recognition, Fenwick and other designees “excel in providing patent, copyright and trademark legal services.”

“Attorneys at Fenwick & West represent some of the world’s biggest tech companies such as Facebook, but their work with clients of all sizes last year helped shape the very landscape of intellectual property,” notes The National Law Journal as part of their coverage.

The profile goes on to describe several high-profile intellectual property victories secured by Fenwick attorneys in the past year.

  • Included is Laurence Pulgram’s work defending the Democratic Underground online forum against copyright troll Righthaven. The outcome of the case in Democratic Underground’s favor is described as “protecting free speech and the doctrine of fair use on the Internet.”
  • Jedediah Wakefield and Karen Webb’s work filing Twitter’s first trademark-related lawsuit is also highlighted. The matter was resolved with the registration for the trademark in question being transferred to Twitter.
  • The work of Charlene Morrow and Heather Mewes on Hewlett-Packard’s Acceleron troll case appeal created new law, making it “easier for potential defendants to bring suit in the court of their choosing instead of waiting to be sued in a plaintiff-friendly court.”
  • Andrew Bridges copyright advocacy and defense of hip-hop blog had national impact and “played a role in blocking bills in Congress that would have limited fair use on the Internet.”

About Fenwick & West

Established in 1972, Fenwick & West works closely with clean technology, life sciences and other technology companies that are changing the world through innovation. The firm has more than 30 years of experience crafting innovative solutions to the business challenges that arise at the intersection of technology and the law. Fenwick & West clients, who range from start-up ventures to global enterprises, value our attorneys' deep industry experience and understanding of their technologies.