Fenwick Partner Impacts Lives Around the World Through Mediation

February 03, 2016

The Almanac, a community newspaper covering the mid-peninsula south of San Francisco, recently told the story of Fenwick & West partner Vic Schachter, and how he set up a nonprofit foundation which funds and operates mediation centers in such places as India, Croatia, Bulgaria and the Republic of Georgia.

As co-chair of Fenwick’s Employment Practices Group, Schachter is well-experienced in the area of dispute resolution. His nonprofit, the Foundation for Sustainable Rule of Law Initiatives (FSRI), was founded in 2012. It specializes in bringing resolution skills to places where it can be difficult to get disputes before local courts; it trains judges and lawyers in the procedures of mediation.

According to The Almanac, Schachter’s story began in 2005 in New Delhi. At that time in India, a staggering 32 million legal cases were awaiting adjudication. Schachter and his wife, Jan, decided to move to New Delhi to set up a mediation center. He believed that mediation might offer an alternative to the jammed court dockets.

"The idea is to change mindsets to move away from retaliation and recrimination," Schachter said in the article.

Foundation board member Richard Seeborg is a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. In the article, he praised Schachter for helping to bring the concept of mediation to countries where it doesn’t exist.

"I think Vic has an amazing track record of working on rule of law and mediation [issues] around the world," Seeborg said. “Vic has a real knack for getting in on the ground and actually getting something done. It takes a long time and it really requires someone who perseveres, and it's not easy, and he does that."

The full article is available through The Almanac website.​​​