Fenwick & West Brings Interdisciplinary Approach to IP

March 20, 2006

IP Law360, an online IP law publication reaching over 30,000 subscribers a day, recently profiled the firm's team-oriented, practical approach to counseling clients.

"Fenwick & West attorneys tend to keep a practical, business focus in mind when communicating with their clients. Steering clear of theoretical advice, they want to offer clients clear-cut recommendations on what they should do in order to get from point a to point b."

"When counseling clients, Fenwick & West attorneys try to keep their ears perked up for any issues that may pop up that can save the company headaches later. By giving employees of our clients enough context and knowledge, they can help us to do the issue-spotting early on that keeps everyone out of trouble."

Read the complete article by IP Law360 reporter Erin Coe.