From Collaborative Coding to Wedding Invitations: GitHub Is Going Mainstream

September 02, 2013


​Fenwick & West corporate partner Ted Wang talked to Wired about Fenwick client GitHub, a collaborative software development site, and about his use of GitHub to publicly share 30 pages of standard legal documents for start-ups.

GitHub was launched in 2008 to facilitate collaboration on software projects. Within five years, the site had attracted some 3.4 million users, becoming the go-to place for coders to share their programming ideas. Increasingly, the site is also being used to post other types of information, including legal documents, and to make collective improvements to that information.

“My guess is that in the future [GitHub] is a tool that legal professionals are really going to use,” Wang told the magazine.

Fenwick’s work for GitHub has included helping the company with its $100 million Series A financing from Andreessen Horowitz and its acquisition of Easel, Inc., a private company aiming to create better design tools for the web.

The Series Seed website, curated by Wang, also hosts the standardized legal documents posted on GitHub. These documents are designed for start-ups to use for seed investment rounds.

The full article is available through the Wired website.