Lawyers scramble to compete

December 14, 2012

Managing partner Kathryn Fritz is quoted in a San Francisco Business Times article titled “Lawyers Scramble to Compete.”

According to the article, law firms are changing the way they do business – becoming more efficient and using “techniques commonly found in the corporate world.” The article says that with its creation of a product manager, Fenwick is one such firm.

Fritz said Fenwick chose this title because “the product manager role is modeled on a structure that we commonly see in our clients’ businesses.” The product manager is “focused on looking at different offerings and figuring out how to package them in a way that is useful to the client or customer.”

By analyzing pricing data from past similar engagements, the product manager can provide Fenwick attorneys and the firm’s clients with a more detailed and accurate estimated budget.

“It’s better [for Fenwick lawyers] to know more,” Fritz said.