Legal Help Has Arrived for the Cash-Strapped Entrepreneur

October 22, 2010

October 22, 2010 (Mountain View, CA) – Ted Wang, a partner in the Corporate Group of Fenwick & West, was recently featured in the Recorder article, "Legal Help Has Arrived for the Cash-Strapped Entrepreneur," detailing the website that offers standardized, early-stage financing forms at no charge.

Through Mr. Wang's extensive work with start up organizations, he noticed that these companies were using the same documentation whether they were seeking financing in the multi-million dollar or the six-figure range. Based on their need to save time and money at this early stage in their formation, he collaborated with leading investors and entrepreneurs to launch, providing a set of standardized documents available for download that entrepreneurs can use for these seed-stage deals.

"I'm trying to drive towards a standard, and make it quicker and cheaper for everyone going forward," Wang said. "Am I just destroying my own business by giving this away for free? No. I'm enabling us to address this new financing in a more cost-effective way, and it makes our clients happy."

Mr. Wang says he has had a great deal of positive feedback from the site, including his colleagues and those entrepreneurs utilizing the site. He believes that if it can help a small business get started, it is good for everyone.​​​