More Employers Give Unlimited Vacations

April 20, 2011

Dan McCoy, co-chair of Fenwick's Employment Practices Group, was quoted in the Daily Journal article "More Employers Give Unlimited Vacations."

The article focused on the small, yet growing number of businesses that are beginning to transition from a traditional benefits policy of vacation accrual, to an honor system in which exempt employees can take as many days as they would like.

McCoy has recently advised at least 10 companies in the technology and software design industries regarding implementation of these types of policies. He stated that this trend in vacation policies typically applies to salaried employees because they have more freedom than hourly workers.

McCoy went on to say that this trend has yet to gain widespread traction in part because most organizations have only known one way of structuring their vacation benefits.

"People didn't have it on their radar before as an idea," McCoy continued. "Businesses have historically viewed vacation as a sacred cow. Netflix and other companies [that] broke the mold said it doesn't have to be a sacred cow, at least for some employees who have more freedom and mobility than hourly folks."